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Organizational Well-being: 4 Ways For Leaders To Make An Impact

By Sharon Steeley, Sr. Director of Marketing, LifeGuides

Organizational Well-being: 4 Ways For Leaders To Make An Impact

The pandemic fostered another necessity for the organization – employee well-being. Now, the opportunity exists for organizations to mobilize a culture of caring and well-being - and for leadership to drive it.

Let’s look at 4 impactful ways for leaders to show you care, while creating a culture of well-being for both your people and the organization.

1. Ensure all leaders are having well-being discussions. By checking in and having these conversations with your team, it is a great place to begin nurturing a well-being culture. It is also a great method to understand key strategies, processes, and programs to implement. Here are a few discussion points to start the conversation:

      • Ask them how they're (really) feeling.
      • Ask them for their ideas on how to improve their well-being and their colleague's well-being.
      • Ask them for their suggestions on how to track progress, or achievements. 

By asking for input, employees enjoy added ownership and investment in the initiative(s) and the organization.

2. Encourage all leaders to lead by example. Start at the top and show every employee the importance of mental, emotional, and physical well-being, by unplugging and recharging yourself. Leaders need to care for themselves, in order to care for their people and the organization. It is a win-win.

3. Provide managers with well-being training, soft skills training. These forms of training are often overlooked, yet have a profound effect on the organization. Managers today not only need to pinpoint a struggling team member, or someone in crisis, but also have the various tools and resources at their fingertips to handle difficult conversations.

4. Create an overall culture of caring, of well-being. From well-being days to flexibility in work, a message of care and trust is being sent to employees. Actions go a long way, and the ripple effects are huge.

It takes leadership and time to gain the belief of employees. These steps create big strides to have your organization at the forefront of employee care, retention, recruitment, and more.

A focus on employee well-being becomes organizational well-being.

LifeGuides offers a roadmap for your employees to put their struggles, their growth aspirations, and their well-being first. LifeGuides also supports leadership to show a culture of caring, to lead by example, and to be armed with the tools that make a real difference.

Our Guide Community is an outlet for your employees. We are a community of people supporting your people to be at their best, and for your organization to be the best place to work. 

Whether you are just beginning to evaluate new well-being initiatives or looking for additional benefits,  let’s schedule a time to chat.

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By Sharon Steeley, Sr. Director of Marketing, LifeGuides